Getting Acupuncture!

When should you get acupuncture, and how many treatments do you need?

The first question, when to get acupuncture, is easy: anytime (exception: if it is a medical emergency, go to your local emergency room, not your acupuncturist).

It is a good to get acupuncture if something hurts or doesn’t feel right, sooner than latter. It is best to start treatment soon after a new injury, ailment or emotional concern (i.e., symptoms that started just days or a few weeks ago) will resolve much more faster than something that has been nagging you for many months or years. You might only need one treatment, or you might need a few. It’s possible it could take a little more, like 4. Usually it doesn’t take more than that if it’s a new health condition.

Of course, if something has been bothering you for a long time (several months or years) then it’s also a really a good idea to get acupuncture so that you finally get some relief. The progress may be a bit slow depending on your condition, and it will likely take a series of treatments – 8-12. If the problem is chronic it will likely require some long term maintenance treatments. Start with a handful of treatments and see how you respond, and then continue as needed, adjusting the treatment frequency based on your response.

Feeling good? You can still get a treatment as a preventative health measure, so that you continue feeling good.

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