Here Comes the FALL SEASON

We all can feel it. The mornings are getting colder and so are the nights. The leaves are falling and I am personally so excited for the trees to start changing colors. Fall is here!

For most, fall conjures up memories of cozy holidays and trick or treating. For me, it means an influx of patients is on their way!

The reason why is that fall is famous in the acupuncture world for tight muscles and poor immune systems. People throw their backs out, a summer full of fun has ruined their immune systems and they get cold easily, kids get more stomach aches, and headaches abound.

Saying this, all of these can be easily avoided.

First, water retains cold more than heat. Water and cold air tend to sink while hot air tends to rise. Think of this in terms of a large cup of water. Heat the water to body temperature or even a little below to match the average basal body temperature of 97 degrees. Now add ice water to the cup equal to 1/4 of the cup. It doesn’t take a lab rat to guess that the outcome will be decreased water temperature.

So let’s take that same experiment and put it into the context of your body and add a variable, the air temperature outside of it. It’s still warm outside but not as hot as it was a week or two ago, right? Yet most of the population is still guzzling down cold food and drinks and wearing as little clothing as possible in an attempt to cool down their bodies.

This creates a low core body temperature. Now the function of the immune system decreases, muscles become cold and rigid, and the body isn’t able to regulate temperature normally. So as an result, the bodies defenses and recouping abilities are down.

So how can you avoid this? The good news is it’s simple! The following are 5 quick and easy do it yourself tricks to warm up the body, avoid health issues, and sometimes resolve current issues.

Spoiler alert: If you are my client then you have probably heard many of these several times before!

  1. Drink and eat foods at room temperature or above. 
  2. Wear extra layers around your midsection.
  3. Create warm feet and a cool head. It is more strategic to take baths.
  4. Take a walk!
  5. Get Acupuncture and/or AcuTherapy! Acupuncture and gentle AcuTherapy is proven to boost the immune, nervous, and hormonal systems. The combination means a warmer and better functioning you!
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