Give me 5 for Anxiety!

Acupuncture and Anxiety

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If you or someone you know suffers from such a disorder, the good news is that Dr. Thompson can treat anxiety with acupuncture.

An example of 5 areas that Dr. Thompson may focus on when it comes to relieving your anxiety with acupuncture:

Back of the neck

Neck points are located where the spine meets the skull, two points parallel to the ears and just under the two bony protrusions at the skull’s base. Application at these points is known to relieve eyestrain, excessive exhaustion, stiffness in the neck and even sore throats. Exhaustion is certainly one of the primary culprits behind anxiety.  Stiffness of the neck is one of many signs of stress.


Located halfway between the neck’s foundation and the shoulders, there is an area where a lot of tension can be found in the nerves. Acupuncturists use points in this region to alleviate anxiety. This tends to result in further relief for that stiffness of the neck, not to mention other stress-related symptoms.

Inside Elbow

In addition to relieving wrist and elbow pain, acupuncture applied to this area will counteract that distress in the chest area.  The inside of the elbow point is the spot where the forearm begins. Other prime indicators of severe anxiety include upset stomach and pain in the arms. Both are relieved by attention to these points, along with stress and nervous tension.


Acupuncturists call this one the Third Eye point. As mystical and alluring as it sounds, it is quite real and a powerful point for anxiety relief. It is located right in the middle of the forehead, where the bridge of the nose begins to curve up and become the forehead. The entire body experiences relief when acupuncture is applied here. All of the aforementioned symptoms, along with dizziness and insomnia, are reduced.

Center of Chest

This is the one acupuncture point that relieves chest distress and is actually located directly in the center of the chest. This point soothes tension and more severe emotional states such as anguish and hysteria. An acupuncturist will not stop there, even If you only came for anxiety treatment. This point will also help with as asthma.


Dr. Thompson designs each individual acupuncture session according to your specific needs. To schedule an appointment call 423-710-2656.

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